3Dolphins Anywhere v1.7.1

For versions:1.7.1

3Dolphins Anywhere

Being outside the office doesn’t mean you have to stop helping your customers. 3Dolphins offers both iOS and Android apps to stay on a track of your progress on the road i.e ‘3Dolphins anywhere‘, that’s allows you to provide customer service on the go.

You can simultaneously using several devices to chat. When you’re at the office, you can answer with your desktop app (Omni Channel 3Dolphins SRM) and when on the go, you can keep the conversation going through mobile chat (3Dolphins Anywhere).

  • Seamless ticketing system : Ticketing integration to the primary system enables you to search for a significant ticket from any channel – including emails! – and render it offline, giving you a smoother experience of serving customers while on the go.
  • Enabling personalization : Agents are still able to set the availability status in this mobile version.
  • Build stronger teamwork : The distance cannot do us part, as we empower the customer service team to meet each other outside the same four walls with Meets! Enjoy the in-app integrated video call in 3Dolphins Anywhere.

Do you have 3Dolphins Anywhere on iOS or Android? Great! Allow your Agents to provide customer service on the go. Every 3Dolphins Anywhere supports the following features :

  1. Forgot Password
  2. Accessibility (Agent status)
  3. Agent Performance
  4. Notification (Ticket and Task Notification)
  5. Push Notification
  6. Reply ticket
  7. Send images
  8. Download File (Images and Document)
  9. Transfer ticket
  10. Escalate ticket
  11. Reassign ticket
  12. Takeover ticket
  13. Close ticket
  14. Search ticket
  15. Page Listing
  16. Priority Ticket
  17. Analytic
  18. 3Dolphins Meet
  19. Team Chat
  20. Task
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