Customer Support [v4.9.3]

For versions:4.9.3

Team Member

Team member means a member who is registered on Omni-Channel. The function of the team member feature is :

  1. View active member,
  2. View Rules,
  3. Change status,
  4. Filter ticket,
  5. Kick user,
  6. Update Team Member,
  7. Search active member.

View Active Member

This feature helps Supervisors to see a member who is available on Omni-Channel. At the bottom right of the supervisor dashboard, you can see active members.

View Rules

This feature helps Supervisors to see the skills assigned to agents. Select a member and click the view rule button (). And then, you will see the rules set on the members, like the image below.

Change Status

This feature helps Supervisors better manage productivity and act on real-time data by updating agent statuses that are incorrect (for example, if the agent’s working hours have finished and forgot to log out, or available but his/her status is displaying as inactive).

In the list of team members, you can change the agent status. Select a member and click the change status button (). And then, you will see a pop-up of availability status, select the status and click the save button ()

Filter Ticket

This feature helps Supervisors monitor their team’s performance like seeing tickets being worked on by team member.

To begin, go to customer support page. On the list active team member, select team member and click the filter button (). And then, you will see all tickets that are being handled by team members that you are selected.

Kick User

Supervisors can manually kick the Agents or team member from Omnichannel. For example, when an agent forgets to log out, this is the role of the Supervisor to kick the agent from the omnichannel. Click the kick user button () on the member.

Update Team Member

The status of team members will automatically be updated if there is a team member who makes changes to their status. Keep your records up to date of team member, click the team member update button ()

Search Team Member

In the search column, type the name to find team member. For example, find team member ‘Tina Operator‘ such as images below.

Escalated Ticket

The agent can escalate the ticket when the operator allow redistribute feature in system setting is ‘true‘.

A Ticket escalated happens when a ticket originally assigned to one agent is assigned again to Supervisor. It could happen of the ticket doesn’t fall under the agent’s expertise. You can escalated the ticket using escalate button or batch escalate button.

Then what is the difference between the escalate button and the batch escalated button? The escalate button can be used when you are going to escalate a ticket one by one to supervisors, while the batch escalate button can be used when you are going to escalate multiple tickets to supervisors.

For example, in the dashboard page select ticket and click escalate button. Then, in the pop up to escalated ticket, select supervisor and click the escalate button as shown images below.

Team member (Supervisors) will be displayed in the list if the supervisor is available on omnichannel.

After the ticket has been escalated to Supervisor, the Agent can’t reply the message from customer again. But, Agent can still view the ticket on the escalated tab.

Tickets that have been escalate by an agent will incoming to the escalated tab of the supervisor. In this tab, supervisors can handle tickets, assign ticket to other agents or transfer ticket to other groups.

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