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For versions:4.9.0

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FAQ Knowledge

FAQ Knowledge is a library that includes information about a product, service, or topic to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) submitted by the customer. FAQ knowledge page allows your team to create FAQ Knowledge that will help your bot or agents answer customers more quickly and provide seamless customers support.

  • Login as ‘Trainer‘, ‘Supervisor‘ or ‘Administrator‘, for the 3Dolphins SRM login mechanism, do the steps described on the ‘Login‘ page,
  • Go to Bot Settings and click the FAQ Knowledge menus, then you will see a FAQ knowledge page such as images below.

Component explanation of FAQ Knowledge :

IconName of ComponentDescription
Knowledge Upload TemplateKnowledge upload templates that enable trainer to provide a common structure for create FAQ Knowledge use template.
Clone ModuleThe trainer can cloning of module knowledge.
Remove ModuleThe trainer can remove module FAQ Knowledge.
Rebuild KnowledgeProcess to rebuild the knowledge.
Edit KnowledgeThe trainer can edit/update FAQ knowledge to update information.
Remove KnowledgeThe trainer can remove of FAQ Knowledge.
View Bot ListTo view Bot list.

Create New FAQ Knowledge

The FAQ Knowledge feature makes it easy for you to create knowledge base that you can create manually or through file uploads.

Create Manual Knowledge

In the upper right corner, click the ‘New Knowledge‘ button. Then, system will direct you to page of new FAQ Knowledge, such as images below.

Field component explanation :

Field NameDescription
Knowledge titleTitle of knowledge that you are currently create on.
Knowledge questionFrequently asked questions (FAQs) about a product, service, or topic.
Answer setAttached answers such as text, digital assets, surveys or quick replies by trainers will enter to the answer set section.
User answerIf you will attach the answer text, you can enter the text here.
Attach your textButton to add text that has been inputted in the user answer.

Example answer – text
Attach digital assetButton to attach digital library management. Digital libraries are assets to create or attach knowledge answers to FAQ using images, videos, documents, etc.

Example answer of FAQ Knowledge using digital library.
Attach surveyAllows trainers to create and attach a questions survey in the answer pattern of FAQ Knowledge.

Field component explanation :
1. Message : Question message that will be sent in survey.
2. Like Label : ‘Like’ label for answer from question survey.
3. Dislike Label : ‘Dislike’ label for answer from question survey.

Example answer pattern of survey.
Attach quick replyThe trainer can create and attach quick reply. Quick Replies allow you to get message recipient input by sending buttons in a message. When a quick reply is tapped, the value of the button is sent in the conversation.

Field component explanation :
1. Message : Message text to send with the quick replies.
2. Title : The text to display on the quick reply button.
3. Payload : Custom data that will trigger sending a message.

Example answer pattern of quick reply.

Type the question of knowledge and press ‘Enter‘. Then, 3Dolphins will automatically mapping words into primary terms and secondary terms. Click ‘‘ button to add the question pattern.

Compose your answer in the box ‘user answer‘ and you can type the answer with an emoji reaction, such as images below.

In the Knowledge, one question can be multiple answers, but the bot will issue a random answer.

In the answer set section you can adjust the order of answers by clicking on the ‘‘ or ‘‘ icon, and you can also delete answers by clicking on the ‘‘ icon. To add answer pattern, click ‘‘ button.

When FAQ Knowledge pattern is ready, at the bottom side, click save knowledge button. 

Then, you will see a pop up of knowledge setting such as images below. Enter module name and click save button.

Field component explanation :

Field NameFunction
LanguageTo choose language to be use.
ModuleTo save knowledge on an existing module or to save knowledge in a new module.
ContextTo limiting FAQ (Only user with the same context can access)
EffectiveTo set effective date of the knowledge used,
ExpireTo set expire date of the knowledge used,

Use File Upload

This feature allow make it easy for you to add multiple knowledge at one time using file uploads. First, you need to download the template file in the upper left corner. This template that you will use to enter knowledge information, to uploaded in the 3Dolphins application.

Open the downloaded knowledge template file. Then, enter the knowledge information required like module, title, question, context, language, answer, etc.

If the file is already, click the Upload button to upload the file, then you will see pop-up to upload knowledge and click Choose button.

Then, 3Dolphins will redirect you to find file in the local. Select the file and click the Open button.

If the template knowledge is successfully uploaded, you will see a successful notification, and to make sure FAQ knowledge is success upload, you can search the FAQ knowledge based on question or title.

FAQ Knowledge Contextual

To activate the FAQ knowledge contextual function, when creating knowledge and save it, enter context in the knowledge setting.

At the ‘Bot Manager‘ page, select bot and activate contextual bot by clicking the ‘On‘ toggle.

Make sure that the FAQ Knowledge that will be used is already attached in Bot. Click emulator button ‘‘ and you will see a pop up of emulator bot. Enter what user might says and click ‘‘ icon. If the context field is empty, 3Dolphins will display unrecognized message like the image below.

However, if the context is filled in, the bot will display the answer to the question that was entered,like the image below.

How to Show Fallback

The function of show fallback is to unknown response from 3Dolphins chatbot can be showed at fallback list, so user can easily to train that knowledge.

In the upper right corner, click the ‘Show Fallback‘ button. Then, you will see a pop up of list fallback, and you can view fallback based on range date.

Component explanation :

Include fixed fallbackTo display list fallback include fixed fallback
Exclude fixed fallbackTo display list fallback exclude fixed fallback.
include emulator in fallback list To display list fallback include emulator in fallback list
Exclude suggestion in fallback listTo display list fallback exclude suggestion in fallback list.
Include suggestion in fallback list To display list fallback intent include suggestion in fallback list.

Remove FAQ Knowledge

Sometimes you need to remove the knowledge from a system when it’s no longer needed. In the FAQ Knowledge feature, you can remove knowledge manually one by one or remove all knowledge based on modules.

For example, when you need to delete some knowledge contained in the chit-chat module, you need to select the knowledge that you will delete by searching for the knowledge based on the title or question knowledge, then clicking the remove icon. Then, you will prompts to confirm the remove request, click ‘Yes‘ to proceed remove knowledge, or you can click ‘No‘ to return to the list FAQ Knowledge page.

However, if you want to delete all the knowledge contained in the chit-chat module, you can click the remove icon on the module. Then, you will prompts to confirm the remove request, click ‘Yes‘ to proceed remove module, or you can click ‘No‘ to return to the FAQ Knowledge page.

Or you can also re-save some of the knowledge you still need to another knowledge module before you actually delete that module.

Macro First Name and Last Name

3Dolphins have macro commands for special field like “customer name”, “firt name”, “last name”, and “bot name”.

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