Feedback Template [v4.9.0]

For versions:4.9.0

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Feedback Template

When using the customer feedback a template can be helpful to reduce the workload around commonly used questions by allowing you to create or reuse previously constructed and saved templates. The feedback template page provides the following features :

  1. Create new feedback question.
  2. Use a feedback template.
  3. Edit an existing feedback template.
  4. Delete feedback template.

First, login as ‘Quality Assurance‘. For the 3Dolphins SRM login mechanism, do the steps described on the ‘Login‘ page,

Go to quality assurance and click the feedback template menus, then you will see a feedback template page such as images below.

Create New Feedback Question

Feedback ratings consist of ratings stars and additional questions, both the rating and the additional questions have a standard format that most agent rating survey use. However, you can be add a new feedback question according to your business specifics and the goals of your survey.

Agent rating survey consists of a two-part questionnaire. The first part asks your customers to rate through the rating question of your business, product or service of your customer support on a star of 1 to 5. The second is a additional question as to why the specific rating was given.

To add an agent ranking survey, in the upper right corner click the + new feedback question button. You will see a pop-up form to add feedback questions, on the left side of the form you can add required field and on the right side of the form, you can preview the survey questions that were added. When done, you can click the save button.

  • Field Component explanation :
Field NameDescription
Template NameLabel of feedback template.
Rating QuestionIn this field, you can type rating question survey respondents to rate services (e.g. “How do you rate our service?”)
Survey QuestionIn this field, you can type survey question respondents to add comment about services (e.g “How do you feel about our service?”)
Additional QuestionTo displaying additional question according to the pre-determined minimum ratings.

For example, enter template name, rating question and survey question. To add additional question, click plus button, select minimum rating on a scale of 1 to 4 and click plus button.

Then, you will see a pop-up form to add additional question, enter the question, select type of your question and enter option to answer your question. Click Add Question button.

  • Field component explanation :
Field NameDescription
QuestionType any text for question.
TypeSelect your desired question type.
– Single-answer (radio button), the most common type, ask respondents to pick just one choice from a predetermined list.
– Multiple-answer (checkbox button), ask the respondent to choose several choices from a predetermined list.
OptionType any text for answer from your question. You can press enter to add option answer from question.

If you’re done, click the save button, if the addition feedback question is successful, you will see a pop-up of success and feedback question will appear on the list of feedback template.

Activate Feedback Template

To display feedback questions when you close a customer ticket, make sure that you have activated the feedback template. to activate it, go to quality assurance > feedback template menu. In the list of feedback template, select the feedback template and click the activate button.

When the feedback template is active, if the ticket is solved and closed, the system will automatically send feedback to customers, and additional questions will appear according to the pre-determined minimum ratings.

Edit an Existing Feedback Template

Sometimes, you might need to edit a feedback template. Maybe it’s because you will edit rating question, edit minimum rating, add any question, remove any questions previously added to the feedback or other problem.

You can still make changes to your feedback template even after it’s activated. On the list of feedback template, select the template and click the edit button. Then, you will see a pop-up form of edit feedback template, edit field as a needed. After you’re done, you can click the save button to edit a feedback template.

Then, if the change template feedback is successful, you will see a notification of success as below.

Delete Feedback Template

Sometimes you need to remove the feedback template from a system when it’s no longer needed.

In the feedback template page, select the template and click the delete button. Then, you will be prompts to confirm the remove request, click ‘Yes‘ to proceed remove feedback question or you can click ‘No‘ to return to the feedback template page.

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