Operator Shift v4.9.3

For versions:4.9.3

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Operator Shift

Unlike traditional methods of tracking employee time, like paper timesheets. Shift and attendance module in 3Dolphins offer the ability to the Agents to clock-in or clock-out when they show up and leave work each day and will display notification to the agent if there is a delay in the specified shift.

Then, with the shift and attendance module helps the Supervisors in generating and assigning schedules for each Agents. In addition, supervisors can also make changes to the agent’s schedule in the shift mapping feature. For example, when an agent requests permission to a supervisor to come in during the day because there is an urgent matter, therefore the supervisor must change the schedule that has been set for the agent.

  • Login as ‘Supervisor‘, for the 3Dolphins SRM login mechanism, do the steps described on the ‘Login‘ page.
  • Go to employee and click the operator shift menus, then you will see a operator shift page such as images below.

Add New Shift

Here you can add new shift from scratch, edit existing ones, and delete the ones you no longer use. In the upper right corner, click +new shift button, then you will see a pop-up of new shifting. Fill in required fields like shift name, shift start, shift end and next day. If you’re done, click the save button.

  • Field component explanation :
Field NameDescription
Shift NameEnter a descriptive and unique name for the shift.
Shift StartSelect the date to start the shift. This defines the starting date from which the agent shift will be effective while scheduling.
Shift End Select the date to end the shift. This defines the end date of the shift agent scheduling.
Next DayTo set shifts for different days. For example, if you are setting shifts from 11 pm to 7 am, you must activate this next day feature to ‘Yes‘.

If the addition of a new shift is successful, you will see a successful notification pop-up and the shift will appear in the shift operator list as below.

Edit an Existing Shift

Sometimes, you might need to edit a shifting schedule after some time. Maybe it’s because the shift schedule in your company changes every month or other problem. By default, any changes to shifts will take effect one day after date change.

Select shift from the operator shift page list, click the edit button. Then, you will see a pop-up window for editing shifts. Update the schedule as needed and then click the save button.

Assign Operator Shift

In the 3Dolphins application, agents can check-in and check-out according to a predetermined shift schedule, as shown images below.

To be able to do that, the main thing you have to do is assign the agent to the shift you have added. Select shift and click the add team button. In the pop-up windows assign operator shift, you can choose agent by clicking plus button ().

If the agent is successfully assigned to shift, the agent will appears in the list of operator and agent can make attendance in accordance with a predetermined shift schedule.

But, if the operator has been assigned on another shift, you will see a warning notification as shown below.

Delete Shift

Sometimes you need to remove the shift from a system when it’s no longer needed. Before a shift can be removed, any users assigned to the shift should be reassigned to another shift. Because, if the shift you want to remove still has team members, the shift does not allow to removed.

In the operator shift page, select the shift and click the remove icon. Then, you will be prompts to confirm the remove request, click ‘Yes‘ to proceed remove shift or you can click ‘No‘ to return to the operator shift page.

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