Page Builder [v4.6.1]

For versions:4.6.1

Page Builder

Page builder lets you easily build and edit pages by designing your own style and field that can be determined by the user (trainer). We made the interface as intuitive as possible, so it wont take you long to get stuck in.

  • Login as ‘Trainer‘, for the 3Dolphins SRM login mechanism, do the steps described on the ‘Login‘ page,
  • Go to Bot Settings menu and click the page builder menus, then you will see a page builder such as images below.

Add New Page

Add a new page builder is not a complicated process, but there certainly are some things that need to be done if you want your page builder to be effective and good-looking. To begin, you’ll need information about a product or service you want to advertise. The page builder you’re planning should be designed and written as an integral part of it.

In the upper right corner, click the ‘New Page‘ button. Then, you will be directed to a page to add a new page, such as images below.

Component explanation of page builder :

IconName of ComponentDescription
Section SettingIn this button, you can setting page like move section and height of page.
Delete SectionYou can delete section that you are currently create on.
Upload BackgroundYou can setting the background of page builder.
Box SettingIn this button, you can setting background, content style, content size, content position, image and theme of page builder.
ViewTo view page builder that you are currently create on with format html code.
InfoTo view info of page builder, like ‘Page Id‘, ‘Page Name‘ and ‘Description‘.
HomeTo return to the list of page management.
New Page BuilderTo create new page.
Save Page BuilderTo save the page builder that you are currently create on.
New Section PageTo create new section of page that you are currently create on.

Input information on the page that will be created. If you’re done click ‘Save‘ button.

Then, you will be directed to a pop up ‘page info‘, enter the ‘Page Name‘ and ‘Description‘, then click ‘Save‘ button. If the page was saved successfully, you will see a notification of the success of adding a new page builder as shown below.

Edit Page Builder

Sometimes, you might need to edit information of page. Maybe it’s because the information is typed incorrectly or you can add other information on the page, or other problem. Select a page from the list of the page management, click the ‘Edit‘ button.

Update information as needed and then click the ‘Save‘ button. Then, information will change according to the keywords entered and you will see a success notification such as images below.

Generate Link Page

If you want to share page to customers use a link, you can use generate link page by selecting page and click generate link button.

Download Raw Data of Page as JSON Format

You can save page as file json by clicking ‘‘ button. Then, the page will be downloaded in the json file format, as shown images below.

Delete Page Builder

Sometimes you need to remove the page from a system when it’s no longer needed.

In the page management, select the page and click the remove icon. Then, you will be prompts to confirm the remove request, click ‘Yes‘ to proceed remove page or you can click ‘No‘ to return to the page management.

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