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3Dolphins is the applied AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution for companies and organisations to improve their customer’s experience across channels. We do this through our core products: Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management), NLP (Natural Language Processing)-based Chatbot and Mobile Workforce Management. 3Dolphins AI serves as the technology foundation of those products, combined by deep expertise and wide experience of the team. Built and delivered as enterprise-class solution, on cloud or on-premise, 3Dolphins is trusted by one of Indonesia’s largest bank. Our approach for improving customer experience through AI is by enabling seamless collaboration between machine and human. 3Dolphins solution is developed by PT InMotion Inovasi Teknologi (InMotion).

What’s New in Version 4.7.1

On October 18, 2019 InMotion has been announce the launch of new features and features update of 3Dolphins.

New Features

What are the new features 3Dolphins launched by InMotion on October 18, 2019?

3Dolphins Mobile Anywhere

3Dolphins Mobile Anywhere brings brand’s representatives closer to the customer by providing access for delivering conversational business services right from their mobile device. The AI-powered bot provides representative with relevant knowledge needed to serve their customer. These capabilities improves response time, provide flexibility and efficiency to the business, which translates to better customer experience.

Images 1. 3Dolphins Mobile Anywhere


Wallboard are special forms of dashboard that are designed to monitor and analyze performance of agent, information about ticket and channel in real-time.

Images 2. Wallboard Channel
Images 3. Wallboard Agent

For more information about wallboard module, please refer to document Wallboard.

Features Update

  1. Add Auto reply on email template.
  2. New ‘Snowy’ layout.
  3. Configuration ‘Proactive Assignment’ on ticket rule.
  4. Configuration ‘Outbound only’ on ticket rule.
  5. ‘Update team member’ on Supervisor dashboard.
  6. ‘View rule’ on team member.
  7. ‘Top closure type & top category’ in Supervisor dashboard
  8. Filter by closure type and filter by category and search in appraisal dashboard
  9. Add search in Active & Blocked user
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