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For versions:4.9.1

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Think Paragraph

In 3Dolphins, ‘think paragraph‘ is used to manage ‘think dashboard‘ content. Think paragraph is an answer to a question that an chatbot retrieves from a knowledge base article and delivers to a customer. In other words, think paragraph are essentially the brain of the bot. With lots of article inside think paragraph, chatbot has a large bank of information to pull from whenever it’s asked a question.

Then, what is the difference between a Think Paragraph and the FAQ Knowledge in 3Dolphins?

Think paragraph is 3Dolphins machine Reading Comprehension Technology that can make chatbots learn on their own. So, the bot can read and understand the contents of the article which then becomes a reference for answers to customer questions according to the context submitted by the customer.

Meanwhile, FAQ Knowledge is a module that facilitates questions with answers. So, to be able to answer customer questions, the bot must be trained using knowledge (taught through the possible questions that the customer will ask accompanied by the answers to those possible questions).

Add Document (Article)

The think paragraph feature makes it easy for you to create knowledge base articles. You can add various kinds of articles, both articles related to the company or product or other articles that are not related.

You can add knowledge base articles by creating them manually or through file upload.

Create Manual Article

You can write knowledge base articles from scratch without using code. Keep in mind that you can create articles using various categories. In the upper right corner, click +new document button. Then, you will see a pop up to add a new document. Enter title, category and text. If you’re done, you can click save new document button.

Field component explanation :

Field NameDescription
TitleEnter a title for your article.
CategoryCreate categories in article as required so that the content is easier to find.
TextYou will now be taken to the visual editor for your newly created article. Here you will to insert the content of the article. You can also customize various visuals for this article including boldness, italic, underline, etc.

You will see a notification of success and content will be displayed in the list of think paragraphs as shown below.

Use File Upload

To upload your article content, you can download a template of think paragraph in the upper left corner. After downloading a template and updating the article template you can upload them into the think paragraph dashboard to instantly create a knowledge base with one click. The content will go directly into the think paragraph.

In the upper left corner, click download template button ‘‘, and then, template article will downloaded such as images below.

Open the template of think paragraph, then you can enter the title, text and category of article as shown below.

If you’re done, in the upper right corner click upload button, and then you will see a pop up to upload document such as images below.

Click choose button to find the file in the local,

Click the open button and wait for the article or document upload process to finish.

If the upload document is successful, you will see a notification of success and content will be displayed in the list of think paragraphs as shown below.

Edit Document (Article)

Sometimes, you might need to edit a article. Maybe it’s because the title, category or information is typed incorrectly, you will add other category, additional information of article or other problem.

Select article from the list of the think paragraph page, click the ‘Edit‘ button. Update information as needed and then click the ‘Edit Document‘ button. Then, information of the article will change according to the keywords entered.

Ask Questions Article

In the think paragraph list, select the article and click the ask button. When a customer asks any of the question variations in the knowledge base article, the bot will deliver the appropriate answer automatically, like the picture below.

Delete Document (Article)

Sometimes you need to delete the article from a system when it’s no longer needed.

In the think paragraph page, select the article and click the delete button. Then, you will be prompts to confirm the remove request, click ‘delete‘ to proceed remove article or you can click ‘cancle‘ to return to the think paragraph page.

Think Paragraph Configuration

You can set think paragraph configuration by clicking on the configuration button on the top right of the page. And then you can see a pop-up of configuration, in this pop up you can decide how exactly your bot interprets what your customer says by using confidence level. Every time your customer types a message, the bot analyses its accuracy. In this pop-up, you can also set the client id and client secret.

Field component explanation :

Field NameDescription
Retrieval Score (Confidence Level)You can decide how precisely your bot interprets what your customer says by using confidence level. Every time your customer types a message, the bot analyses its accuracy.
Client Id & Client SecretClient id and client secret used for integration with 3Dolphins Think.
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