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Sales SRM

SRM stands for Social Relationship Management. Sales SRM itself is a module designed for managing and improve your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. Sales reps can easily find the most accurate, up-to-date information needed to properly follow up or close a deals.


The products module is a list of all products available for sale and allows you to add products to sell. The product module contains your product information, including stock, open deals, user access and other related data. By default, you can add products when you create a new deal or edit a deal in the Deal Module.

Create New Product

Creating a product catalog is a very easy and fast process. You simply open the product module then in the upper right corner click the “+New Product” button and fill in the required fields, such as product name and other related data such as price, unit and category.

Create new product – form parameter :

Form Parameter Description
Product Name Specify the product name. This field is mandatory.
Product Code Enter the code of the product.
Price Price of the product per unit.

Select the product unit from the drop-down, or you can add more or remove a product unit from the list by selecting “Edit & Add Units” option. Then, you will see a pop-up product units. To add product unit, type the new unit and click “+Add” button or you can click Remove icon to remove product unit from the list.


Select the product category from the drop-down, or you can add more or remove a product category from the list by selecting “Edit & Add Categories” option. Then, you will see a pop-up product categories. To add product categories, type the new categories name and click “+Add” button or you can click Remove icon on the categories to remove product categories from the list.

User Access

By default, user access consist of everyone, owner, owner group and select group.

After you create products, you can associate them to your deal records to help track what you’re selling and how much revenue you’re earning from your deals. Learn how to add products related to deal in “Add Product on Deal

Detail Product

In the left corner of the product detail page, you can see product info such as product name, product code, unit, category, price and owner. In this section you can edit product info, maybe it’s because there is a change in product price, unit, category or other problems.

You can edit the product info by clicking “Product” to navigate to the Product page. Select and click product, then you will see a detail information of product. In the product info section, click the Edit button (pencil icon). Then change the product info as needed. Click “Edit Product” when finished and you can see the product info change log in the changelog tab.

Open Deal

The function of this feature is to display ongoing offers according to products added. For example, when you add a product to a deal, you can see not only a list of deal in the pipeline, but also in the products module.

Stock and Restock Product

Product stock can help you to track product inventory levels, so you can maximize sales by meeting product demand. To display the quantity of product stock, in the top right corner of the page, click the action button and select enable quantity purchase.

When the purchase quantity is enabled, it will reduce the product stock when you add a product to the deal and you cannot add products exceed of available product stock. However, when the purchase quantity is disabled, the product stock will not decrease when you add the product to the deal and you can add products to the deal without limit.

Then how do you add product stock? By default, to be able to add product stock, first you need to display the product stock quantity by enabling quantity purchase. Then in the product stock section, click restock. In the product restock pop-up, you can enter the number of products to be restocked, a description and determine when the product will be restocked.

After you click the restock button, by default the product restock queue will be displayed in the incoming tab on restock history, and every five minutes the system will check whether there is a request for a product restock or not, when there is a request for a product restock, the system will delivered the product stock and the product will automatically be restocked.

Transfer Product Ownership

Sometimes, you may need to transfer ownership. Maybe because the sales resigned from the company or maybe the sales moved to another division so you have to transfer ownership to another team sales.


Notes are crucial for sales, the Notes tab on the product detail page allow you to type any text you want to add to the product. For example, when a product category or unit does not match, you can add a note to provide information that the entered category or unit does not match, or perhaps when the product price rises, you can add a note to provide information about price changes.

The notes that have been successfully added will be entered on the timeline tab and in this tab you can edit or delete notes that have been previously added.

Filter and Search Product

You can filter products in the list based on units and category. For example, if you filter products by units by selecting units in the dropdown, all products with different units will disappear from the list.

Besides being able to filter products by units and categories, you can also search and find specific product by product name. As an illustration, we give an example of search Livechat products, then the product you are search will appear on the list and all products with a different product name will disappear from the list.

Configuration Table

This feature allows you to set the columns that will be displayed in the table. At the top right of the table, click on the “Configure” icon, and tick the columns to be displayed.

Delete Product

It is sometimes necessary to remove a product from a system when it is no longer needed. You can only delete products that have not been used or added to the deal. If the product you want to remove still has been used or added to the deal, you will does not allow to remove the product.

In the product page, select and click the product and you will see a detail product, in the upper right corner click the action button and select delete product. Then, you will be prompts to confirm the delete request, click ‘Yes‘ to proceed remove product or you can click ‘No‘ to return to the detail product.

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