Auxiliary Mapping [v4.8.2]

For versions:4.8.2

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Auxiliary Mapping

Agents are responsible for setting their status in the dashboard. In fact, the only time an agent’s status changes is when they manually change it in the dashboard. 3Dolphins provides two default status values :

  1. Available
  2. Not Available

Login as ‘Supervisor, for the 3Dolphins SRM login mechanism, do the steps described on the ‘Login page.

Go to customer service menu and click the auxiliary mapping menus, then you will see a auxiliary mapping page such as images below.

Create a New Agent Status

On the Agent dashboard, you can see the availability status of the agent. This availability is one that determines the distribution of tickets. For example, each agent who is logged in to the 3Dolphins app, the agent must change its status to available to receive tickets from customers, or when the shift is over, the agent can change its status to shift end.

In addition to the three status above, you can add new ones status. For example, you might add a status for training or backup by selecting customer service menu > auxiliary mapping.

At the upper right corner, click new agent status button. Then, you will see a pop-up form to add a new agent status. Enter a status name (Reason), reason code, and select whether the status should appear in the dashboard to the agent (Auxiliary), click save button.

  • Fill in the following information :
Field NameDescription
ReasonA availability of agent status i.e available, break, etc.
Reason CodeCode of agent status.
Choose AuxiliaryIf you choose ‘true‘ then the agent status will show on the availability status of agent. but, if you choose ‘false‘ then the agent status will hide on the availability status of agent.

Edit an Existing Agent Status

Sometimes, you might need to edit a status or auxiliary mapping. Maybe it’s because you will rename these values ​​or change the status to ‘false‘ so that the status does not appear in the agent dashboard.

To change the status, select the auxiliary status and click the edit button. Then, you will see a pop-up to change the status. Enter new information, and click Save to apply changes.

Remove Agent Status

Sometimes you need to remove a auxiliary mapping status from a system when it is no longer needed. Select auxiliary mapping status and click delete button. Then, you will see a pop-up confirm to remove request. Click yes button to proceed or you can click no button to return to the auxiliary mapping page.

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