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For versions:4.9.3

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Customer Contact

Customer contact is defined as information provided by customers when interacting with Bots or Agents through the Omni Channel contact center, chatbot or 3Dolphins Anywhere. In this page, you can add new contact, edit customer details information, merge contact, view case timeline, send offline message, block and unblock contact and delete contact.

  • Login as ‘Administrator/Agent/Supervisor‘, for the 3Dolphins SRM login mechanism, do the steps described on the ‘Login‘ page,
  • Go to customer service and click the customer contact menus, then you will see a customer contact page such as images below.

Create New Contact

Customer contacts can be created at any time. Customer contacts are created automatically or you can make it manually. How can contacts be created automatically? For example, every time customers contacts you in any social media platform that has been integration with 3Dolphins, a new contacts will be automatically created in 3Dolphins customer contacts.

Or to create new contact manually, in the upper right corner, you can click +new contact button. Then, you will see a blank form to add new contact. Enter the information required like first name, last name, phone number, email, etc. Click the save button as shown images below.

Field component explanation :

Field NameDescription
Virtual Assistant EngagementDisplays number of times a user interacting with bot based on the knowledge module.
Ticket TimelineTo view activity of the ticket (which include Unassigned, transferred until the ticket is closed).
Additional Information1. First Name : First name of the Customer.
2. Last Name : Last name of the Customer.
3. Phone : Phone Number of the Customer (must be filled with 10-13 digits).
4. Email : Email address of the Customer (must be email-formatted e.g
5. VIP : To mark contact as a VIP. If marked as VIP, new ticket from that contact will be marked as priority automatically and will skip queue (Unassigned ticket) if any.
Other Information1. ID Number : Enter Id Number.
2. ID Type : Select option for ID type,
3. Birthdate : Date of birth of the Customer,
4. Mother’s Name : Mother’s name of the customer,
5. Address : To specify address of the customer,
6. Gender : Select gender of the customer,
7. Language : Select language,
8. City : To specify city of the customer,
9. Country : To specify country of the customer,
10 Postal Code : To specify postal code of the customer,

After you have finished entering all information of customer, click the save button or you can exit or cancel the process of adding a new contact by clicking the closed button on the pop up form.

For example, click the save button. Then, if a new contact is successfully created, you will see a notification of success, and the contact will appear in the customer’s contact list. But, if customers have the same email or phone number, you will see a suggestion merge contact as shown images below.

Edit Contact

Sometimes, you might need to edit a contact. Maybe it’s because the contact information is typed incorrectly or you can add other information like phone number, e-mail, etc.

To edit contact, you can select and click the customer contact. If you have many contact, 3Dolphins can limit page. You can navigate the contact list by scrolling to the bottom of the list contact page and clicking through the page numbers, or you can search contact in the search column. Then, you will see form 360 customer view, edit and update contact as needed.

For example, add other information like id number, birthdate, address, etc. and click save button. Then, if edit contact is successfully updated, you will see a notification of success, as shown images below.

But, when you add other phone number and email address. If customers have the same email or phone number, you will see a suggestion merge contact.

Case Timeline

Case timeline allows you to view customer case history. When users add a customer case to the customer ticket, by default a case history will appear on the customer’s contact. For example, in the customer support > ticket activity, you can add customer case, as shown images below.

Then, the case history will automatically appear in the case timeline by clicking on the customer contact menu > select contact > click case timeline button, as in the following image.

You can also see the detail case history, by clicking on the history module as shown below.

Chat History

Chat history allow the supervisors to monitor conversations agent with customers. You can set how much chat history will be displayed on the 360 ​​customer view page on the system setting > ticket configuration > number of ticket history field.

For example, when a customer has a conversation with an agent through a social media platform either 3Dolphins live chat, line, whatsapp, email etc., by default the agent’s conversation with the customer will be saved as a chat history.

Select and click customer contact. Then, you will see a 360 customer view pop-up, in the right section you can view list history chat or ticket number, such as images below.

To see the agent’s conversation history with customers, you can select and click on the ticket number, then you will see a pop-up window of conversation as shown images below.

In the conversation chat above, you can find out by whom the conversation ended. By default, conversations can be ended by the customer, agent or system.

Merge Contact

When your contact has identical entries (same person with same number or e-mail) saved multiple times in the contacts list, removing all the duplicate entries from the list becomes necessary. Such process is sometimes also referred to as merging the contacts.

For example, when a customer send a message from several different channels, it will make the customer’s contact stored differently in the contact list. In this feature, 3Dolphins makes it easy for you to be able to merge these contacts into one.

Before merging contacts, make sure that your users have access to merge contacts. Because, if the user does not have access to merge contacts, the user will not find the merge contact button on the ticket it handles or in the customer contact list. In order to have access to merge contacts, you can tick the “allow to merge contacts” feature on the administration menu > user management > user.

Select contact that you want to merge and click on the Merge button (). Then, you will see a pop-up windows to merge contact, and search for and select the contact that needs to be merged with this contact.

Click the merge button, and the secondary contact will be deleted and cannot be restored. If merge contacts successfully, you will see a success notification, and you can check merge contacts by clicking on the contact and viewing it in the 360 customer view pop-up like the image below.

Merge Contact Suggestion

By default, you can see a contact merge suggestion pop-up when there are customers who have the same email or phone number, when a supervisor or agent adds or edits a customer’s contact from either the customer’s contact menu or from the Supervisor or Agent dashboard. When the merge contact suggestion appears, you can check it before merging contacts.

Do Not MergeDo not merge customer contact or cancel merge customer contact.
Merge SelectedMerge customer contacts based on selected contact.
Merge AllMerge all customer contacts who have the same email or phone number.

Send Email Message

This feature allows you to send outgoing messages using email channels. Select contact that you want to send message and click new message button. Then, you will see a pop-up windows to create email outbound message, enter subject and message, click the reply button or reply and close button.

Field component explanation :

Field NameDescription
FromIn this field, you can choose an email address that matches the email address registered with OmniChannel.
toThis field will be used as the recipient of any replies to the email that’s sent. And, The email address will auto entry into this field in accordance with the customer contact that selected.
ccIn this field, you can copied to one or more recipients.
SubjectCreate a subject from an e-mail message that will be sent to the recipient.
MessageEnter a custom message that will appear in the notification emails that are sent. you can insert images or links in email message.
AttachmentUploaded files as attachments to the email notification. Attachments will maintain their original file name and are limited to a total aggregated size of 2MB per email.
Email TemplateIf you want to reuse existing content, select an email template to add content to answer the message of customer. You can select an email template when the customer message is the same. Or, the customer message is the global case and having default answer.
Reply The email outbound message will be send to customer and appears on the pending tab.
Reply and ClosedThe email outbound message will be send to customer and the ticket will close automatically after clicking the ‘Send and Close‘ button.

For example, click reply and close button, so the message will send to customer and at the same time the ticket will close automatically, as shown images below.

Block Contact

Sometimes you need to block a customers contact when the contact is marked as spam. Contact has been blocked will move to the blocked tab. If you get message from customer’s that has been blocked, message will appears in the blocked ticket list of supervisor.

For example, when customers send spam messages to agents or Bot. The agent can block the contact on the customer’s contact page or the agent and supervisor dashboard. Select contact that you want to block, then you will see a customer contact 360 customer view pop-up, click the ‘Block User‘ button such as images below.

If blocking a customer’s contact is successful, you will see a successful notification and the customer’s contact will be moved to the blocked tab, like the image below.

At the agent dashboard, closed the ticket of customer. So, if the customer sends a message to the agents or Bot again, the message will appear in the blocked ticket list of supervisors.

In the list of blocked tickets, you can unblock the ticket by selecting the ticket you want to unblock and click the unblock ticket button (). Then, you will prompts to confirm the unblock ticket, click yes button to proceed, or you can click no button to return to the customer support page.

Unblock Ticket : This feature only functions to unblock tickets, not to unblock contacts. When the ticket was unblocked, the ticket will move to the Bot tab (If case, customer send message to Bot), or will move to Unassigned tab of supervisor (if case, customer send message to agent).

But, if you want to unblock a customer’s contact, in the customer contact page click blocked tab, select and click contact that you want to unblock. In the 360 customer view pop-up, click the Unblock User. Then, you will prompts to confirm the unblock contact request, such as images below.

Unblock All : Existed blocked ticket from this contact will move to ‘unassign tab‘ or ‘bot tab‘.
Delete All : Existed blocked ticket from this contact will be deleted from system and database.

Remove Contact

Sometimes you need to remove the customer contact from a system when it’s no longer needed.

In the customer contact page, select the contact and click the remove icon. Then, you will be prompts to confirm the remove request, click ‘Yes‘ to proceed remove contact or you can click ‘No‘ to return to the customer contact page.

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