Email Template [v4.6.1]

For versions:4.6.1

In 3Dolphins, the email template feature allows you to create templates such as, email reply templates, email signature templates and templates for auto reply emails.

  • Login as ‘Administrator/Supervisor/Agent‘, for the 3Dolphins SRM login mechanism, do the steps described on the ‘Login‘ page,
  • 3Dolphins will redirect you to Email Template page,

New Email Template

You can use the email reply template to answer the same questions or frequently asked by customers via the email channel or even global questions about products or services that have default answers. So, you don’t need to retype answers that can lead to different answers to the same questions. You can add new ones email template in the Customer Service menu > Email Template.

For example, we will explain to you how to create an email template and how to apply it when you will reply to an email message. In the upper right corner, click new email template button. So, you will see a blank page in the new email template form, enter the email template name and email template message, such as images below.

Field component explanation :

Field NameDescription
Email Template NameName of template message.
Email Template MessageEnter a custom message that will appear in the notification emails that are sent. You can insert images or links in email message.

Click the save button, if email template success created, you will see a success notification pop-up and email template will display on the list of email template such as images below.

The email template that you have created will also appear on the form of email message reply by clicking on the Customer Service menu > Customer Support > select email tickets > click reply email. Then you will see a form of reply email message, click the email template icon, and then you will see a list of email templates such as images below.

Edit an Existing Email Template

Sometimes, you might need to edit a email template. Maybe it’s because the information on the template has been obsolete. Select a template from the list of the email template page and click the edit button.

Update new information as needed and then click the save button to apply changes. If the information about the email template has been successfully updated, you will see a successful notification pop-up as shown below.

Remove Email Template

Sometimes you need to remove email template from a system when it is no longer needed. Select template and click delete button. Then, you will see a pop-up confirm to remove request. Click yes button to proceed or you can click no button to return to the auxiliary mapping page.

Email Signature

E-mail signature is a personalized block of text automatically appended at the bottom of an e-mail message. Supervisor can create signature email for each email channels in customer service menu > email template. By default, each e-mail channel only has one e-mail signature. In 3Dolphins, it is possible to make signatures in text and image formats. In the upper right corner, click signature button. Select email channel and click edit button, then you will see a form to create email signature.

When you make an outbound email or reply to a customer’s email, the message will automatically be accompanied by an email signature. For example, go to Customer Service menu > Customer Support > click the ‘Email Outbound‘ button. On the outbound email form, the email signature will automatically be used as shown below.

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