Login [v4.7.1]

For versions:4.7.1

The mechanism for using Omni Channel SRM 3Dolphins v4.7.1 is as follows :

  • Open the Web Browser on the computer.
For the use of web browsers it is better to use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox,
  • Enter the URL address in the web browser.
  • Login as an ‘Administrator’ / ‘Supervisor’ / ‘Agent’ / ‘Quality Assurance’ / ‘Trainer’
  • Type your ‘Username’ and ‘Password‘ in the column provided.
    Note : Password is a combination of capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols ,
  • Press the ‘Sign In‘ button or press the ‘Forgot Password button if customer forgot password,
  • If you press the Sign In‘ button, 3Dolphins will redirect you to dashboard page, such as images below.
  • If you press the ‘Forgot Password‘ button, 3Dolphins will immediately ask the user to type an email address to send a request for a reset link.
  • Type your email address and click the Request Reset Link‘ button. 3Dolphins will redirect to pop up ‘Success‘, such as images below.
  • When the request reset password is not finished but the user requests a password reset request again, an error notification will appear.
  • On the email message, to recover your account password in 3Dolphins, click link url to generate email for password recovery.
  • On the email message, to recovery your account, type your New Password‘ and ‘Confirm Password‘, and then click the Change Password‘ button.
  • 3Dolphins will redirect to pop up ‘Success‘, such as images below.
  • After recover your account successfully, please login again by using a new password.
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