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3Dolphins is the applied AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution for companies and organisations to improve their customer’s experience across channels. We do this through our core products: Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management), NLP (Natural Language Processing)-based Chatbot and Mobile Workforce Management. 3Dolphins AI serves as the technology foundation of those products, combined by deep expertise and wide experience of the team. Built and delivered as enterprise-class solution, on cloud or on-premise, 3Dolphins is trusted by one of Indonesia’s largest bank. Our approach for improving customer experience through AI is by enabling seamless collaboration between machine and human. 3Dolphins solution is developed by PT InMotion Inovasi Teknologi (InMotion).

What’s New in Version 4.9.1

On April 23, 2020 InMotion has been announce the launch of New Feature, Features update and Bug Fixes of 3Dolphins.

New Feature

What are the new features 3Dolphins launched by InMotion on April 23, 2020?

Task Management

A task is a small individual work item on a ticket that can be allocated to an individual user and then tracked via task name, or all of the work items and assignments that need to be accomplished within a defined amount of time for a project to be completed. Each task has a title or description, a start date and an end date, and it can also include details such as task owner (created by), observer and many more.

You can add tasks to plan your work day. The simplest way to add a task is to type the name of the task and click the ‘Save Task‘ button. Or, when you add a task, you can also set a due date and reminder date for the task to review and provide deadline information.

To see step by step how to create a task, please refer to document ‘Task Management‘.

Think Paragraph

In 3Dolphins, think paragraph is used to manage think dashboard content. Think paragraph is an answer to a question that an chatbot retrieves from a knowledge base article and delivers to a customer. In other words, think paragraph are essentially the brain of the bot. With lots of article inside think paragraph, chatbot has a large bank of information to pull from whenever it’s asked a question.

The think paragraph feature makes it easy for you to create knowledge base articles. There are two ways to add content to a think paragraph, i.e upload content or create manual content.

To see step by step how to create a article in think paragraph, please refer to document ‘Think Paragraph‘.

Ticket Automation

Ticket Automation is controlled by creating a Trigger. Each trigger has specific rules, and when those rules are met one or more actions are performed. This automation runs on every ticket and performs actions based on predefined conditions. These rules let you automate actions to configure automation ticket like tagging ticket, ticket severity level and process flow.

You can add an automation module by configuring triggers, filters, and actions on ticket automation. You can switch to the necessary property from the dropdown.

To see step by step how to create a ticket automation, please refer to document ‘Ticket Automation‘.

Features Update

Merge contact suggestion

Merge contact suggestion is a feature to provide pop-up suggestions for contact merge when there are customer contacts who have the same email or phone number. The merge contact suggestion will appear when the Supervisor or Agent has been adding or editing a contact either from the customer contact menu or from the Supervisors or Agents dashboard. When the suggestion merge contact appears, you can review them prior to merge the contact.

Revamp bot configuration

In previous version (v4.9.0) user interface of the bot option configuration is still displayed entirely so that when there is additional language, the display will get longer. it is not good. Therefore in the next version 3Dolphins, to configure the bot in each language it has, you can click the toggle dropdown in the language.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix incorrect property name for NLP similarity score configuration.
  • Many bug fixes across all application features.
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