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3Dolphins is the applied AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution for companies and organisations to improve their customer’s experience across channels. We do this through our core products: Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management), NLP (Natural Language Processing)-based Chatbot and Mobile Workforce Management. 3Dolphins AI serves as the technology foundation of those products, combined by deep expertise and wide experience of the team. Built and delivered as enterprise-class solution, on cloud or on-premise, 3Dolphins is trusted by one of Indonesia’s largest bank. Our approach for improving customer experience through AI is by enabling seamless collaboration between machine and human. 3Dolphins solution is developed by PT InMotion Inovasi Teknologi (InMotion).

What’s New in Version 4.8.2

On February 10, 2020 InMotion has been announce the launch of new features, features update and bug fixes of 3Dolphins.

New Features

What are the new features 3Dolphins launched by InMotion on February 10, 2020?

Process Flow

One of new best module in the 3Dolphins is process flow. The process flow is new module that built in by InMotion to simplify the integration development between virtual assistant and backend business service. The function of process flow is to perform virtual assistant proactive reaction and ability to accept instruction from other system.

Images 1. Process Flow

For more information about process flow, please refer to document Process Flow.

Video Conference Call

The new feature in the Live chat 3Dolphins is video conference call. With this feature, you can talk with your customer. Video conference call is very easy to use, because enables you to carry out business procedures without the trouble of having to meet face to face. On the conversation chat, to sent video conference call invitation to customer, click ‘Attachment‘ button and select ‘Conference‘.

Images 2. Conference Call

For more information about video conference call, please refer to document Customer Support.

Team Collaboration Chat

The new feature of team collaboration chat allow you to discuss with other user (Agent, Supervisor, Trainer, Quality Assurance, etc) in the channel’s, private group or Direct Message (DM).

Images 3. Team Collaboration Chat

For more information about team collaboration chat, please refer to document User Management – Team Collaboration Chat.

Block Contact

The new feature block contact allow you to block contact of customer’s if contact is marked as spam. Contact has been blocked will move to the ‘Blocked‘ tab. If you get message from customer’s that has been blocked, message will appears in the blocked ticket list of supervisor.

Images 4. Block Contact
Images 5. List of Blocked Ticket

For more information about block contact, please refer to document Customer Contact.

Features Update

  1. Enhance form list API to include number of submitted data in the response.
  2. Standardize date format on exported report to (dd mm yyyy hh:mm:ss) e.g 20 Feb 2020 12:00:00
  3. Add autocomplete to Customer search field at Ticket Audit Report.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix error when duplicate Criteria Template.
  2. Fix missing first response time on ticket.
  3. Fix firebase event forwarder for 3Dolphin Anywhere notification.
  4. Fix new ticket generation bug caused by bot ticket number pattern matches with agent ticket number pattern.
  5. Fix agent skill not updated at wallboard when there are multiple UI instance.
  6. Fix incorrect pagination at Ticket Audit Report.
  7. Fix error filter not working at Ticket Audit Report.
  8. Fix incorrect count of Non-Ticket column at Channel Group SLA Report exported file. This error is found in hourly section of the report.
  9. Fix an agent can receive multiple new ticket at once, often exceeding set maximum assignment.
  10. Fix incorrect login duration at Agent %Prod Report
  11. Fix solr username & password not working.
  12. Fix webchat connect button not clickable when host website disable all submit buttons at page load.
  13. Fix webchat picture attachment not properly loaded when sending picture attachment.
  14. Fix form UI cannot load caused by x-frame-option.
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