Activate and Deactivate Feedback Template

Activate Feedback Template

To display feedback questions when you close a customer ticket, make sure that you have activated the feedback template. To activate it, go to the Quality Assurance > Feedback Template menu. In the list of feedback templates, select the feedback template and click the ‘Activate’ button. Your feedback template will have a green color on the left side, indicating that it is active.

Note: You will receive an error warning if you attempt to activate the template without attaching it. At least, you must have one channel attached to activate that feedback template.

When the feedback template is active, if the ticket is solved and closed, the system will automatically send feedback to customers, and additional questions will appear according to the pre-determined minimum ratings.

Deactivate Feedback Template

If you want to temporarily deactivate your feedback template, you should use the deactivate feedback template feature. It is located by selecting the Feedback Template page from the Quality Assurance menu. Select the template that you want to deactivate then, you will see a success notification.

You will see a red color on the left side of your feedback template if you successfully deactivate the feedback template.

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