Paragraph Classifier

Paragraph Classifier is a tag that groups each ticket based on its category. But, before you add the tagging to the ticket, do you understand what is meant by ticket tagging and for what tickets are tagged? A tag is a word, or combination of words, that you can use to mark a ticket and is useful in identifying a ticket.

Adding tags to tickets gives you more flexibility to track, manage, interact with tickets and makes it easier for you to view all tickets that contain specific tags. For example, if customer A wants to check order status and customer B wants to ask about information product, we may create a classifier for order status and product information, and the ticket can then be classified into the relevant tag.

When you will add tagging to the ticket both manually or automatically, you need a classifier, you can add the classifier in the Customer Service > Paragraph Classifier menu. By default, the classifier consists of content and labels that you can input manually or through file uploads. The classifier you have added will appear in the category section on the user's dashboard page. In this section, we will explain to you about :

  1. Add new classifier module.

  2. Add classifier (content and labels).

  3. Configure classifier setting.

  4. Add tags to tickets.

  5. Add tags to customer.

  6. Edit module classifier

  7. Delete module classifier.

Go to the Customer Service menu and select the Paragraph Classifier menus, then you will see a paragraph classifier page such images below.

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