Unit Management

Unit management is one of the methods for distributing tickets in 3Dolphins. The unit mechanism originally grouped agents that handled tickets using one specific channel. We enlarged this functionality to manage distribution tickets between channels. Each unit will be responsible for its own distribution of tickets. Channels in the same unit will combine their queue distribution tickets.

Distribution management is also affected by channel accessibility. The line of business or LOB is responsible for managing channel access to units. So, when a group joins the LOB, they have access to channels that the LOB has. For further explanation about LOB, please refer to this page.

Only Supervisors and Administrators can access this page. Go to the Customer Service page and click the Unit Management menu, and you will see the unit management page as shown below.

We've already talked about how unit agents usually only handle specific channels. What if there is a ticket that requires escalation to another channel? Here is where transfer units can be relevant. Units assigned to unit transfer can accept tickets despite needing access or rules. When using the unit transfer system later, the pop-up transfer ticket window will display the unit transfer tab and the list of eligible units to receive tickets from that channel.

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