Notification is a feature that allows you to send broadcast messages to your customers. For example, you may need to send information about your product to several of your customers. With this feature, you can send information by broadcast messages to several customers at once.

You can also set the message recipients according to your needs, write the messages using existing templates, and also set the broadcast schedule to be sent. To begin, login as Marketing or Marketing Manager and go to the Marketing menu and click the Notification menu then you will see a notification page as shown below.

Component explanation :



The title of the notification to be sent


The channel used to send the notification

Last Updated

The time that shows when notification was last updated


The status of the notification. There are five notification statuses, i.e.

  1. Sending: Notification that has been sent but has not been received by the customer.

  2. Draft: Notification that is still being saved (not ready to send).

  3. Scheduled: Notifications that have been created but are still scheduled to be sent at a certain time.

  4. Sent: Notification successfully sent to customer.

  5. Failed: Notification failed sent to customer.

Search bar

Field to type in the search keywords

Channel filter

Field to select the channel that you want to filter

Status filter

Field to select the status that you want to filter

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