Auxiliary Mapping

Agents are responsible for setting their status in the dashboard. Status on dashboard operator is to describe Agent’s real-time condition, where this status is to determine the availability of Agents can handle the ticket or not. Agents are able to change status directly from a dashboard view.

This feature allows you to create the Agent status, so the status can be displayed on Agent's dashboard. In fact, the only time an agent’s status changes are when they manually change it in the dashboard. 3Dolphins provides two default status values :

  1. Available

  2. Not Available

Tickets can be assigned automatically to Agent only if the status is ‘Available’. But in this feature, you can customize the status according to Agent's condition. This privilege only belongs to Supervisor and Administrator.

Go to the Customer Service menu and click the Auxiliary Mapping menu, then you will see an auxiliary mapping page such images below.

Auxiliary Mapping

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