Template is a feature that allows you to save the notification template messages, in order to make it easier for you don't need to retype every message you want to send.

For example, you need to send an invitation message to customers, you can set the invitation message in this feature so it can be attached to the notification form when you create a new notification message.

To begin, login as 'Marketing' and go to the 'Marketing' menu and click on the 'Template' menu then you will see a 'Template' page as shown below.

Component Explanation :



The title of the template you want to create.


The language that used for the template.

Last Updated

Time shows when the template was last updated.


The status of the template. There is 3 (three) template status, i.e.:

  • Approved: Template request has been approved.

  • Pending: Template that has been requested but not approved yet.

  • Rejected: Template request that has been rejected.


Field for action buttons such as button 'delete' template and 'refresh' button to update your template status.

Search Bar

Field for type the search keyword.


Field for filter the template status.

Last updated