Customer service dashboard provides a single dashboard that helps your customer support representative team better serve your customers. It allows them to communicate with customers across channels and helps them manage interaction easily to meet customer needs, in collaboration with Virtual Agents (BOT) if enabled.

This dashboard will be able to increase the productivity of your customer support team. Previously, they were required to open multiple tabs for each channel (e.g Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp) which will use a lot of effort to handle each channel. It will be difficult for them to keep switching tab when replying to customers inquiry and with coordinate assignment between agent. So, this dashboard will be recording the whole activities between agent and customer and provides a report for the supervisors regarding agent performance to evaluate their productivity.

With this dashboard, a ticket is created and distributed automatically, so the agent can focus on serving your customer. A ticket represents an interaction between customer support and one customer account. Moreover, a supervisor can redistribute tickets to ensure customer tickets are served properly.

Since a supervisor can redistribute tickets, they can distribute them to the team member, another group even toward themselves. Therefore, they able to take over tickets when the agent is unable to handle the ticket. They also have the flexibility to manage agent team composition as needed. For example, when a channel has high traffic, the supervisor can reallocate agents from the lower traffic channel to assist the higher traffic channel.

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