FAQ Knowledge

FAQ Knowledge is a library that includes information about a product, service, or topic to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) submitted by the customer. FAQ knowledge page allows your team to create FAQ knowledge that will help your bot or agents answer customers more quickly and provide seamless customer support.

Go to Bot Settings and click the FAQ Knowledge menu, then choose one of the FAQ Knowledge, you will see a FAQ knowledge page like the image below.

Component explanation :


Name of Component


Knowledge Upload Template

Knowledge upload templates that enable trainer to provide a common structure for create FAQ Knowledge use .xlsx file.

Clone Module

The trainer can cloning the knowledge module.

Remove Module

Process to remove knowledge module. If there is knowledge in a module, it means you will remove all knowledge in that module.

Rebuild Knowledge

Process to rebuild knowledge from existing knowledge. For example if there is a knowledge crash, such as the bot not responding when the knowledge is executed.

Edit Knowledge

Processes for updating the knowledge.

Remove Knowledge

The trainer can remove of FAQ Knowledge.

View Bot List

To view Bot list.

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