Think Paragraph

In 3Dolphins, Think paragraph is used to manage think dashboard content. Think paragraph is an answer to a question that a chatbot retrieves from a knowledge base article and delivers to a customer. In other words, think paragraph are essentially the brain of the bot. With lots of articles inside think paragraph, chatbot has a large bank of information to pull from whenever it’s asked a question.

Then, what is the difference between Think Paragraph and FAQ Knowledge in 3Dolphins?

Think paragraph is 3Dolphins machine Reading Comprehension Technology that can make chatbots learn on their own. So, the bot can read and understand the contents of the article which then becomes a reference for answers to customer questions according to the context submitted by the customer.

Meanwhile, FAQ Knowledge is a module that facilitates questions with answers. So, to be able to answer customer questions, the bot must be trained using knowledge (taught through the possible questions that the customer will ask accompanied by the answers to those possible questions).

Go to the Bot Settings menu and click the Think Paragraph menus, then you will see a think paragraph page such images below.

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