Public Post

Using social media is a simple way to introduce your business. So, it is very important for your business to exist on social media to promote the products and services your business offers. The public post is a feature that allows your marketing team to manage your social media content.

For example, when your marketing team is required to inform customers about new products on several social media, this feature can help you send outright information to your customers. To access this page, you can go to the Marketing page and select the Public Post menu. You will see the public post page as shown below.

Component Explanation:




Name of your public post.


Channel used to send public posts.

Last Updated

To present the latest time and date of public post update.


Status of the Public Post. The following is an explanation of each status:

  1. Sending: Public post is in the sent process.

  2. Draft: Public posts that have been created but not yet send.

  3. Sent: Public post was sent successfully.

  4. Scheduled: Public posts that will be sent according to a predetermined time.

  5. Failed: Public post was not sent successfully.

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