In some aspects, it is essential that the agent immediately receive any information that the supervisor will implement. For example, when there is information about system maintenance that requires agents to log out from their dashboard or new policy changes about handling customers. This feature allows supervisors to make official announcements so agents can immediately receive relevant information on their dashboards.

This feature can only be accessed by Supervisors and Administrators. If your supervisor activates this feature, all agents in the supervisor group will get an announcement on the dashboard page. Meanwhile, if the administrator uses this feature, the announcement will apply according to the selected group. To use this, go to the Employee page and click the Announcement menu, as shown below.

Component Explanation:


Announcement Preview

This is a preview announcement that will appear on the agent's dashboard. Note: The preview displayed when the user first opens the announcement menu is a preview of the active announcement and will change if the user adds a new announcement using the new announcements tab.

Announcement List

List of made previously announcements.

New Announcement

This is the section used to add new announcements. You can find more information about making an announcement on this page.

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