Teaser Management

Supporting your business through live chat and social media communication is necessary. Why? Adopting this approach will facilitate a quick and practical way to reach customers. Therefore, the information must be accurate and precise. For example, when to inform customers about troubleshooting network constraints impacting live chat performance or when your business wants to promote offers that customers can use on their social media messaging.

We make updating your live chat and social messaging content easy using the teaser management feature. You may instantly update information from our application user interface using this feature. Go to the Customer Service page and select the Teaser Management menu. This privilege only belongs to the Supervisor and Administrator.

Component Explanation:


Actual Teaser

Displays an active teaser within the current live chat channel.

Teaser List

Displays all created list teasers. The table components in the teaser list are as follows:

  • Teaser Title: Title for the teaser that has been created.

  • Category: Category for that teaser. Explanations for each category can be viewed on this page.

  • Channel: Indicates the channel account that will display the teaser.

  • Status: Indicates the active or inactive status of the teaser.

  • Action: This is an action button for the teaser. Starting with activating and deactivating teasers, seeing teaser previews, and modifying or deleting teasers.

Live Preview

This section provides a glimpse of the currently active teaser live chat. Each tab in the live preview section is described in detail below:

  • Live Chat Register: It will display your teaser preview for the customer registration page.

  • Live Chat Window: It will display your teaser preview after customers have interacted with your bot or agent.

  • Social Messaging: It will display your teaser using bubble messages sent to customers when interacting with channels other than live chat.

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