Task Management

A task is a small individual work item on a ticket that can be allocated to an individual user and then tracked via task name or all of the work items and assignments that need to be accomplished within a defined amount of time for a project to be completed. Each task has a title or description, start date, and end date, and it can also include details such as task owner (created task), observer, and many more.

Task lets a user create, edit, assign and manage a set of tasks, each with different members of a team responsible for it, it is said to do Task Management. Task Management is a simple but effective way of breaking down a master level work into smaller sub-tasks, to speed up resolution and increase individual accountability. Using task management it is easy to understand what work is assigned to whom, and what are the individual deadlines. Elements of the task usually consist of:

  1. Start date

  2. Due date

  3. Task description

  4. Task owner (created task)

Go to the task management menu, then you will see a task management page such images below.

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