Customer Support

Customer Support

The Dashboard is where Agent & Supervisor will spend most of their time. Agent & Supervisor each will have its own separate dashboard, and here's the function of each role.


Supervisor has role for monitoring the whole ticket activity in the teams, either the ticket that assigned to the Agent or BOT, such as:

  • Monitoring performance of the team.

  • Reassign ticket to another Agent.

  • Takeover ticket by reassign ticket to itself.

  • Handle escalated ticket from Agent

  • Make approval of each ticket that will be re-opened.

  • Re-open the ticket by itself, and the ticket will be re-opened without approval.

  • Transfer ticket to another group.


Operator (Agent) has a role for handling tickets directly and only can execute the ticket that is assigned to itself, such as:

  • Monitoring their performance report itself

  • Reply to the ticket directly or outbound the ticket by sending email or make a call to customer.

  • Escalate ticket to Supervisor.

  • Transfer ticket to another group.

  • Request re-open ticket to Supervisor.

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