Create New Deal

Use deals in 3Dolphins Sales SRM to track potential revenue. Create a deal when contact takes an action that could lead to revenue. When created, a deal record should be associated with the contacts and companies that are involved with the deal. For example, when you’re interacting with someone through their contact or company record via call or email, you may want to create a deal when there is an opportunity for potential revenue.

New deals can be manually created in any pipeline or stage. Click the pipeline dropdown to select the pipeline you wish to add a deal to. Then, in the upper right corner, click the '+New Deal' button, or in the stage of the pipeline, you can also click the 'Add deal to this stage' button. Then, the 'Create New Deal' window will open.

Listed below are standard fields used to create new deals. You’ll be asked to populate information for these fields whenever you create a new deal.



Deal Name

This is the name of your deal, it will appear on the deal card in your pipeline. You’ll want to provide a short, but descriptive title for each of your deals.


The default currency is IDR. The discounts and quantity products to be applied are auto-calculated to arrive at the correct deal value.

Add Product

You can add products to every deal you make. By default, when you add products, you can enter quantity and product discounts. To add a product, type either the product in the add product field. As you type, we’ll display a list of suggested products that you can associate with this deal.

Contact Person

Contact Information is important during the conversion of a deal. The Contact Person is the name of the individual that the deal relates to. To add a contact person, type either the contact’s name in this field. As you type, we’ll display a list of suggested contacts that you can associate with this deal.


Is the name of the business that the company on the deal is associated with. With company info, you can capture and store information about the businesses you work within one place. When creating a new deal in your pipeline, you will be asked to provide the company info. As you type, we’ll display a list of options that you can choose from.


A pipeline is a defined set of stages for a sales process. You can change the pipeline that the deal is in by clicking the 'Pipeline' dropdown and clicking a different pipeline.


A stage is a step in your sales process. You can select the stage the deal will be in by clicking the 'Stage' dropdown and clicking a different option.

Expected Closed Date

The expected close date is the date you estimate the deal will be closed.

User Access

The user access is an account user who has permission to view your Stage.

After successfully adding the deal, you will see a notification success to add the deal. You can view the results in the Funnel view or List view. In the funnel view, you can drag and drop deals. Drag-and-drop capabilities allow you to effortlessly move deals from one stage to another, move the deal to won or lost or move the deal to another pipeline. In the list view, you can view 25 deals/page.

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