Advanced Setting

The advanced setting makes it possible for you to automate deals and stage lock.


Adding automation to your deal stages is a simple way to remove friction from your sales process. This feature is only available for the sales manager's role.

On the deal page, you can click the 'gear' icon on every stage. Then, on the Automation tab, you’ll see your deal stages laid out in columns, and in each column, you can add actions that will be triggered by run process flow or add note automatically any time a deal moves into that stage or closed if the deal is won or lost.

For example, in the example image below we create an automation deal on the '3Dolphins Sales SRM - Product Presentation' where the deal moves to the '3Dolphins Sales SRM – Aanwijzing' stage, the system will automatically add a note to the deal.

So, when the deal is moved from the '3Dolphins Sales SRM – Product Presentation' to '3Dolphins Sales SRM- Aanwijzing', note 'Build Detail Presentation' will automatically be added to the deal. You can view the notes in the timeline tab as in the example image below.

Stage Lock

The stage lock allows you to block users from moving deals from this stage to certain stages.

For example, when you are tick New Deals on the advance settings from the '3Dolphins Sales SRM – Product Presentation' stage if the deals moved back to the new deal stage then, the deals will automatically reject to be moved and will stay on that stage.

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