Filter, Sort, and Search Deal


With 3Dolphins sales SRM, you can use filters deals in a pipeline based on won deal, lost deal, responsible person, contact person, and company. Using these filters allows you to quickly see which deals meet the criteria you set.

To begin, click the 'Filter' button in the top left corner of your screen. Then, you will see a pop-up to filter deal. In the example image below, we will display all won deals by ticking the 'show won deals'. When you’re done click the 'Filter' button. Then, you can view the results in the Funnel view or List view.


You can also sort the results above in ascending or descending order by their created date, expected close date, and last activity. If you order deal by last activity, it will display starts from created date and will be updated when there are changes in the deal or items related to that deal such as task created, task started, task finished, and note created.

In addition to the filtering options, you can search for specific deals within the selected pipeline by using the search field. To search for deals by the selected pipeline, click the search field and type your search term. Then, press 'Enter' and we’ll display deals within the selected pipeline that contain your search term.

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