Create New Form Builder

Maybe when you are having a conversation with a customer, you need to send the form to follow up on the request from the customer. For example, when a customer contacts an agent via live chat regarding a registration account request, in order to be able to follow up on the customer request, the agent needs to obtain customer data by sending the form registration.

Before you send the form registration to a customer, you need to create a form by clicking the '+New Form' button in the upper right corner. Then, you will see a default page to create a new form builder.

In the Designer tab, you can drag and drop object form based on the types and basic tab.

If the object form has been added, you can see the form design results directly in the View tab.

Or, if you need to add or edit the schema, options, or data in the field, you can click the Code tab.

In addition, in the upper right corner, you can also add javascript code to validate the form by clicking the 'Code' button.

To save the form that is currently working, click the 'save' button. Then, you will see form metadata, such as the images below.

Component Explanation:



To specifies the name of a form. (Required)


To give people an introduction to your form or provide them with special instructions, especially if you have multiple forms with the same title. (Optional)

Process Key

– (Optional)


When the form type is 'Service', the form will only be displayed on the customer service page, and when the form type is 'Sales', the form will only be displayed on the deal form page and will not appear on the customer service page even though the form is assigned to the customer service group. (Required)

When the form metadata has been filled in, click the 'save' button and the form will be created and appear in the form builder list. After the form is created, you can edit the forms, configure e-mail settings, share the form, or delete forms.

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