View Chat History

The Chat History is stored to retrieve valuable information from past conversations, in order to keep the conversation data if someday needed again. With chat history, the Supervisor can monitor the interaction between Agents with Customers.

3Dolphins Service SRM supports infinite chat history, meaning it will continue to load and render previous messages within a chat window as long as you continue to scroll the window upwards and as long as there is content to render.

This section contains instructions on how to view chat history. There are two ways to view previous chat history in 3Dolphins, i.e View Conversation and History Ticket.

View Conversation

View conversation is threaded messaging that displays both sides of a conversation on one screen, in chronological order. In this way, it also groups messages from the same person together. You can only see this feature when the ticket is no longer being handled, so this feature is only available on the Escalated tab of Agent, Unassigned tab of Supervisor, Transferred tab of Agent, and Closed tab of Agent and Supervisor.

History Ticket

In the history ticket, you can easily find and review the history of every communication between you and your customer, at any time. History ticket shows all the ticket updates and you can see the complete history of a ticket. So, this feature allows you to review the previous ticket of one customer, even though you weren't the one who handled it before.

To view history ticket, on the dashboard page select ticket and click the avatar of the customer. Then, you will see a pop-up window ‘360 Customer View‘. Go to the History tab, select ticket, and click the channel icon. Then, you will see conversation chat, in this section, you can view conversations ended by agents, customers, or systems such images below.

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