Canned Message

Quick responses on live chat are crucial for high customer satisfaction. That’s where canned message come in handy. They help Agents avoid delays and save them from typing the same answer over and over again.

If you often reply to the same customer questions, consider saving those replies as canned message. It will shorten your response times and save keystrokes on repetitive typing. With canned message, you only type it once, save it and reuse it in chats and tickets whenever you need it. Apart from being a huge time saver, canned message help tackle typo mistakes.

In short, a canned message is a predefined message, that can be quickly recalled through a shortcut. In Live chat 3Dolphins, you simply use a slash (/) sign followed by the canned title to the canned message, e.g. /Greeting (“Hi, how can I help you?“). When you start typing, a suggestion pops up, and you can see all saved canned messages that contain the phrase.

Reply Chat Used Canned Message

In the conversation chat, type in the slash (/) sign followed by a shortcut (shortcut title), for example, /Agent Closing. When the cursor is directed to the shortcut title, the message will appear on the box such as the images below.

Create Canned Message

Here you can create a new canned message from scratch, edit existing ones, and delete the ones you no longer use. Follow the steps below to add a new one :

Component Explanation:


Shortcut Title

Displayed as a title to call out the shortcut in the conversation chat.


A message from the shortcut title selected will be sent to customers.


Used to insert image files with extensions (.jpg, .jpeg and .png) in the canned message.


Select this feature to set the visibility of the canned message that will be created.

  • Personal: Only available to that Agent.

  • Group: Only available to Agent's group.

  • Global: Available for all users.

Note: This feature only appears on Supervisor and Administrator privileges.


This feature is used to assign canned messages to specific channels.


Information about how to add automatically replace messages if you want to add your customer's name or your name on the canned message.

Example: you want to add your customer's first name. Then, you only have to type {first_name} on the message body.

Add Canned Message

To add a canned message that you are currently creating.

Cancel Canned Message

To reset a canned message that you are currently creating.

Canned messages that have been created will appear in a list of canned messages, you can edit and delete canned messages, as shown below.

Edit Canned Message

Your predefined replies can get old and out of date after some time. You can easily modify them in the following way :

Delete Canned Message

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