Transferred Ticket

A ticket transfer allows you to transfer some or all of your tickets from your group to another group. It could happen if the customer case is in a different case group. After the ticket has been transferred, the ticket will move to the Transferred tab. Supervisor or Agent transferred tickets using the 'Transfer' button or 'Batch Transfer' button.

Then what is the difference between the transfer button and the batch transfer button? The 'Transfer' button can be used when you are going to transfer a ticket one by one to another group, while the 'Batch Transfer' button can be used when you are going to transfer multiple tickets to another group

To find out more about the unit transfer, you can visit this page.

You can also select a team member from the group to accept your ticket transfer. When you click on the 'Escalate' button then, a pop-up will appear to transfer tickets, where you can select team members in the intended group by clicking the 'Filter' button on each group. Select a team member from the group in the reassign section by clicking the 'Reassign' button as shown below.

To receive tickets that have been transferred, make sure a supervisor or agent in another group is available and make sure the rule channel for another group in rule management has been added.

After the ticket has been transferred to another group, the Agent can’t reply to the message from the customer again. But, Agent can still view the ticket on the Transferred tab.

The agent's name who will be responsible for the ticket will appear on the ticket card when the ticket is transferred if you select the specific agent that will receive the ticket.

Then, in the other group (example: Product group), the ticket will be distributed automatically to the available agents. If there is no agent available, the ticket will be entered in the Unassigned tab of the Supervisor.

If the ticket is not successfully transferred, It could happen because of one following reason:

  1. Agent or Supervisor on other group is not available (offline) on omnichannel. Please, follow this step:

    • Login as an Agent or Supervisor.

    • If you log in as an Agent, please change the status to Available.

  2. Agent or Supervisor was not available on the rule channel.

  3. Rule channel not available. (Note: for cases number 2 and number 3 please refer to document 'Rule Management' page).

If an agent is available in the group, the ticket will be automatically assigned to that agent as a new ticket.

The agent who received the ticket transfer can view who was responsible for handling the ticket beforehand.

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