Reply Ticket

This feature allows Agent and Supervisor to reply ticket customers directly, Agents can only reply to tickets that are assigned to them, and Supervisors can reply to tickets by takeover the unassigned tickets or reply escalated tickets. Both have the same function, which is to give feedback on a customer’s problem or inquiries.

With 3Dolphins, you can compose and send customers your rich-text replies by clicking 'Reply' in the ticket. This, depending on the source of the ticket, lets you send your reply with send knowledge, insert library, insert form, insert canned responses, attach files, and much more. The options in the text box depend on the source of the ticket because certain channels, like e-mail, do not allow formatted replies.

First of all, in the dashboard Agent, change the agent status into 'available'. Because, if the agent is not available, ticket will enter in the queue process and incoming in the Unassigned tab of Supervisors. After agent status is available, agent will receive ticket in the Inbox tab, as shown images below.

In the Inbox tab, select ticket and click the 'Reply' button or you can click the message in the bar chat. Then, you will see a conversation chat, type your message or you can reply chat using canned message. If you’re done, you can click the 'Send' button. And then, the ticket status will change to 'Pending'

Canned messages are instant message templates that let you send specific messages with just one click. For example, when agent reply ticket, agent needs to ask about the customer's problem first, then the message template can be saved in a canned message, so when the agent needs to ask customer’s problems, they only need to send canned message without type the message one by one. If you want to send canned message, you can use ‘/’ to choose the canned message that you want to send. For more information about canned message, please refer to this page.

You may also use quick replies to respond to messages from your customers while your pop-up chat window is being minimized. Type your reply message in the field 'type message and enter to send..' then press the 'Enter' key to send your reply messages. The Agent can choose the 'Open' option to respond customer's message by opening a chat window or you can use the 'Dismiss' option to get rid of quick responses.

After the message is sent, it will show the message status at the bottom right of the chat such as:

Type your message or you can use email template. If you’re done, you can click the 'Reply' button. And then, the ticket status will change to pending.

To view detailed email channels like reply e-mails using e-mail templates, forwarding e-mails, attaching files, etc., please refer to ‘e-mail channel‘ documents.

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