Team Member

Team member means a member who is registered on Omni-Channel which has been set on the same rule. This is only provided to Supervisors. The following are the functional features of the team members:

  • View Active Member

  • View Rules

  • Change Status

  • Filter Ticket

  • Kick User

  • Update Team Member

  • Search Active Member

View Active Team Member

This feature helps Supervisors to see all the team members. On the bottom right of the supervisor dashboard, you will see the active member at the top of the list.

View Rules

Change Status

This feature will help Supervisors to manage productivity and act on real-time data by updating incorrect agent statuses (for example, if the agent’s working hours have finished and forgot to log out, or is available but his/her status is displaying as inactive).

Filter Ticket

This feature helps Supervisors to monitor their team performance like seeing tickets being worked on by team members.

Kick User

Update Team Member

Search Team Member

In the search column, type the name to find a team member. For example, find team member ‘Zulfa Fahimah‘ such images below.

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