Change Status Agent

This feature helps Agents better manage productivity and act in real-time. for example, when the agent is first logged in, the agent can change its status to available which means the agent is ready or available to handle the ticket. Or if the agent is in a condition that can’t handle the ticket, Agent can change its status based on the situation. This status can be set according to company policy, please refer to this document for furthermore.

Ticket can be assigned automatically to Agent only if the status is ‘Available’ and if the agent is not available, ticket will enter in the queue process and incoming in the Unassigned tab of Supervisors and Supervisors can reassign ticket to Agent even the Agent's status is not available. Agent status can be viewed by Supervisor, so the supervisor also can monitor the availability of Agents and can change their status if needed. You can read this page for more details.

Moreover, Agents can also check their status change history by selecting the 'Status History' icon. This is useful for agents to keep track of any status changes they've made. For example, if an agent changes their status from 'Available' to 'Coaching' and then back to 'Available,' the agent will be able to see the total duration in this status as well as the status change history for this status.

Component Explanation:



This indicates agent's current status.


This indicates the duration of the Agent's current status.

Total Duration

This indicates the total duration of agents in this status.

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