Reopen Ticket

This feature allows the Agent to send a request to the Supervisors to reopen the ticket after it is resolved and closed. It can happen for multiple reasons, maybe it’s because the Agent incorrectly gave ticket severity, tags, etc. or the Agent forgot to add a customer case or even remark on the ticket. This is good for the Agent to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The supervisor can also use this feature without needing any approval. If the case is like that, the ticket will be moved into their Inbox tab. The ticket also cannot be reopened if the customer account still has an active ticket until it is closed.

Reopening a ticket will require Supervisor approval. In the upper right corner dashboard supervisors, you can view the Reopen Ticket Request section. In the pop-up of reopen ticket request, select a ticket and click the 'Allow' button to approve reopen ticket or you can click ‘Deny‘ to reject reopen ticket.

If the request to reopen ticket is approved by the supervisor, the ticket will return to the Inbox tab with the status ticket is 'Pending' and you will receive success notification on your notification section.

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