Monitoring Dashboard Agent

Agents might not have the time to have an in-depth look into all the incoming tickets and filter them based on different parameters. If they’re looking to get important information about the ticket at a quick glance, monitoring dashboards in the 3Dolphins feature lets them do just that.

Monitoring dashboards consist of multiple useful widgets that will help Agents monitor their performance, like login time, break time, productivity time, average response time, and average resolution time. Agents also can monitor their ticket performance compared to yesterday.

Component Explanation:


Productive Time

Total duration Agent Handling Time (Please refer to this document to know about AHT explanation) when Agent status is 'Available', 'Coaching', 'Training', 'Briefing' and 'Backup'.

Login Time

The total time the agent logs in a day.

Break Time

The total time the agent breaks in a day.

Avg Response Time

The average total duration from unassigned tab until the ticket is first responded to by the agent.

Avg Resolution Time

The average total duration ticket is assigned until the ticket is closed. But, when the ticket is transferred or escalated to Supervisor or other groups, then the agent can’t get total ticket, but the agent will get ‘Response time’.


Total ticket assigned today compared to yesterday.


Total ticket with 'Open' status today compared to yesterday.


Total ticket with 'Pending' status today compared to yesterday.


Total ticket escalated today compared to yesterday.


Total ticket closed today compared to yesterday.


Total ticket transferred today compared to yesterday.

Agents can take this information as report material to the Supervisor and also motivate them to do a better performance.

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