Filter Ticket

The Tickets tab allows you to filter data based on various parameters. For example, if there are so many tickets assigned to the Agent and the Agent want to view the ticket with a certain parameter only, the Agent can use this feature to filtering ticket by its parameter. Inside the Dashboard, you can see the right sidebar display the options to filter your tickets. In the 3Dolphins system, filter tickets consist of 6 (Six) categories, i.e:

  1. Filter by Channel Type.

  2. Filter by Date.

  3. Filter by Severity.

  4. Filter by Category.

  5. Filter by Ticket Status (Assigned, Open and Pending).

  6. Filter by Team Member.

Filter Ticket by Channel Type

Allows the Agent to filter tickets based on channel type. By using this ticket filter you can see particularly (separate / distinguish) the type of tickets you received. For now, 3Dolphins can filter 20 channels type, i.e.:

  1. Facebook page Filter

  2. Facebook Messenger Filter

  3. Twitter Mention Filter

  4. Twitter Direct Message (DM) Filter

  5. Email Filter

  6. Telegram Filter

  7. Instagram Filter

  8. Instagram DM Filter

  9. Youtube Filter

  10. Dolphin Live Chat Filter

  11. Finesse Filter

  12. Ecentrix Filter

  13. Smartcall Filter

  14. eConnect Filter

  15. Ms. Team Filter

  16. Skype Filter

  17. WhatsApp Filter

  18. Line Filter

  19. App Follow Filter

  20. Generic Filter

  21. Walkin Customer Filter

  22. Tokopedia Filter

  23. Webex Filter

To begin, go to the Customer Support page and select channel on box Channel Type. For example, select channel type ‘Dolphin Live Chat‘. Then, you will see a ticket with channel type ‘Dolphin Live Chat‘ such as the images below.

Filter Ticket by Date

Allows the Agent to filter tickets within a custom date range. For example, filter tickets based on Created Date ticket by selecting the date from '04/06/2022' until ‘04/06/2022‘. Then, you will see tickets with a custom date range that you have set.

Filter Ticket by Severity

A ticket can be prioritized as Critical, High, Medium, or Low based on its content, request, or any property containing certain keywords that let you assign a priority to tickets. Severity level indicates the relative impact of an issue from your customer (ticket). 3Dolphins system uses the following severity level definitions to classify all ticket requests:

Severity LevelDefinition


Usually receives the highest focus.


High in importance, and needs to be addressed ASAP.


For mid-serious issues that would need to be taken up in the near priority.


For issues that can be prioritized to be worked on later.

After adding severity tickets successfully, the ticket will be marked as a priority based on the severity level selected. Select and check priority tickets to be filtered. For example, check the severity level Low in the box Ticket by Severity, and then, you will see all tickets with severity level low, like the image below.

Filter Ticket by Category

This feature allows the Agent to filter tickets based on category. For more information about ticket category and how to add category to the ticket, please refer to ‘Paragraph Classifier On Chat Ticket‘ document.

For example, choose the category by checking the Live Chat category ‘Product Ask' on the category tab on the right side. And then, you will see all tickets with category type Live Chat ‘Product Ask‘ such as the images below.

Filter Ticket by Ticket Status (Assigned, Open and Pending)

Sometimes you may need to know and see how many tickets are assigned, open, or even pending. This feature is only found in the Team and Inbox tabs on the Supervisor page and the Inbox tab on the Agent page. For example, check the ‘Pending‘ ticket status and you will see the ticket with status pending only.

Filter Ticket by Team Member

This feature is only found on the customer support page on role Supervisor. This feature allows you to view the ticket that is assigned to one agent only.

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