Closed Ticket

'Closed' is the final status of a ticket. After the ticket is closed, it will move to the Closed tab and the feedback (a satisfaction survey) notification will be sent out to customers to find out what your customers feel about your support.

Customer feedback may be sent out automatically or manually. It is regulated by the Admin on the System Settings. If you want to be sent automatically, you can see the following explanation on this page. In the 3Dolphins system, There are three (3) ways to close tickets, that is:

  • Close the ticket using the closed button on the conversation chat.

  • Close the ticket using the closed button on the customer ticket page.

  • Close the ticket using the batch closed button.

Close ticket using the closed button

Or, you can expand all tickets, then select the ticket that will be closed and in the lower section click the 'Close Ticket' button.

Then, you will see a pop-up remark ticket. In this section, besides being able to add a remark you can rate customers, add ticket tags, and select the closure type of ticket, as shown images below.

Component Explanation:



Add Rate Customer

For your Agent to add a rating (1-5 star) for customers.


Type the category of ticket.


Tags are words or combinations of words that you can use to add more context to tickets. You can assign them to tickets. You can create, assign, and manage tags in the 3Dolphins paragraph classifier. For example, while a ticket can only be in one group, or have one status at a time, a tag can be added to multiple tickets and a single ticket can contain multiple tags.

Closure type

Closure type is generally categorized into four different types, i.e:

  • Case Resolved: It means the case has been resolved by the agent.

  • Case Without Resolution: It means the case is forced to be closed by the Agent without resolution due to certain circumstances.

  • Case Drop by Customer: It means the case closed by the customer (when in the middle of a conversation the customer closes the ticket).

  • Case Escalated: It means the case is escalated to the supervisor and has been resolved.


Type your remark to close the ticket.

Close with Feedback

If the auto-send feedback setting is not activated, this button will appear to ask the Agent whether they want to sent feedback for the customer.

Close Ticket

If the auto-send feedback setting is activated, this button will send feedback automatically. if not activated, this button only to close the ticket without send feedback.

After the ticket is successfully closed, the ticket will move to the Closed tab, such images below.

Then, 3Dolphins will send feedback to the customer, such as the images below.

Close ticket using the batch closed button

To begin, on the dashboard page at the Inbox tab, you can select multiple tickets using the 'mark all' button and then, click the 'Batch Close' button.

Next, you will prompt to confirm the closed request, click ‘Close Ticket‘ to proceed or you can click ‘Cancel‘ to return to the customer ticket page. Besides, in this section, you can select the closure type as shown images below.

After the ticket is successfully closed, the ticket will move to the Closed tab, as shown below.

Your supervisor can view all the ticket that has been closed by their agent on the closed tab and also discover the agent's name who closed the ticket on each ticket card.

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