Watermark is a feature to allows you to apply watermarks on file attachments Customer’s uploaded so, the file is not spread to parties who are not responsible and maintained its credential. A common data type that is applied for watermark i.e image (.jpg and .png) and document (word, excel, and pdf).

For example, when a customer sends an attachment file in the form of an image or document, and then the file is opened by an agent or supervisor, the file will have a watermark consisting of:

  • The name of the User who opened the file.

  • Agent or supervisor ID.

  • The date and time the file was opened by User.

To configure watermark, you must login as an Administrator.

First, you must enable the watermark setting. Go to the Administration page and click the System Setting menu. And then, in the ticket configuration section, click true on the ‘Enable Watermark On Attachment’ radio button.

After you enable the watermark setting, you can open the file that has been sent by customers and you will see the watermark is automatically in the form of agent name, id agent, and the first date and time when the file is opened by the agent, as shown below.

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