Add Fields in Collection

You can add fields or update fields to every collection by select the collection and click the 'fields' button. Then, you will see a pop-up form to add the fields, enter the field name and select the type of field collection as shown below.

If you want to delete a field in a collection, you can click the 'delete' button on the action field in each field collection.

Component Explanation:

Field Name



Required. Name of the field stored and referred in Solr.


Required. The data type of the field defined in the configuration. For example, data type i.e ‘Boolean’, ‘int’, ‘date’ etc.


Optional. If indexed=True, the value of the field can be used in queries to retrieve matching documents. If indexed=False will make the field only stored but can’t be queried with.


Optional. If stored=true, the actual value of the field can be retrieved by queries (to tell Solr to store the original text in the index somewhere). If stored=false will make the field only indexed and can’t be retrieved in output.


Optional. If true, indicates that a single document might contain multiple values for this field type.

For example :

  • If stored=true and indexed=false: field isn’t searched, but need to be displayed in the search results.

  • If stored=true and indexed=true: field should be searchable and displayed in the search results.

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