Send Text Message on Messenger

  1. Click the ‘Messenger‘ button at the top right or the left of the screen.

  2. Click New Message.

  3. Start typing a name into the To field. Names of friends will appear in a dropdown.

  4. Select the person or people you want to message.

  5. Type your message, then press enter to send.

Send Message on Facebook Post

Click the 'Create Post' button at the top of the Page and write your post.

Comment on Your Public Post

  1. Click Comment below the post or in the white box that says Write a comment.

  2. Type your comment or click to comment with a gif. Click to comment with an emoji. Click to attach a photo or video. Click to post a sticker.

  3. Press enter or return to publish it.

Send Media Message on Messenger

Send Image

Send Video

Send GIF

Find Music

Find Hospital

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