Customer Identify

Customer identify allows you to synchronize data that is on the client with the data in 3Dolphins. Customer identify can help agents process important information about customers in a faster and easier time.

For example, when an Agent needs to input information about the customer, the agent must input the information one by one, such as name, address, no. telephone, etc., the process will take longer and make the agent’s performance decrease because he has to manually enter information about the customer.

In the image above, we take the example of the ‘Customer Identification’ process. This process is to provide a script to get information about a customer that will be displayed in the customer information field, such images below.

To display the customer identification field on the ticket activity, you can copy the customer identification url link and paste the link in the Administration > System Settings > Contact Configuration > Customer Identification URL field.

On the customer support page, expand the ticket, then select ticket and click the ‘Ticket Activity‘. In the identify customer field, you can search customer data using predetermined keywords for example customer id and then, click the 'search' button.

Then all information about the customer will appear, to save that information, the Agent only needs to merge the data, so the data will be automatically stored in the customer contact.

To be able to combine contacts using the customer identity feature, make sure that your users have access to merge contacts. Because, if the user does not have access to merge contacts, the user will not find the 'Merge' button on the ticket it handles or in the customer identity feature. In order to have access to merge contacts, you can check the 'allow to merge contacts' feature on the Administration menu > User Management > User.

Change the user privilege can be done by the Supervisor or Administrator only.

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