Filter Net Promotor Score

This feature allows you to filter your net promotor score report. Used to make it easier for you to display reports according to the filter criteria you selected. Go to Analytic, select menu Live Agent, and click Net Promotor Score on the top left of the page. After the net promotor score page appears, click the 'Filter' button on the upper right-side page, and you will see a pop-up to filter net promotor score report.

Component Explanation:

The filter that appeared will be adjusted according to the group report setting on your user management. You can manage the group reports when creating or editing users on the user management page. If your group report is LOB and your user is listed in LOB A then filter for each component that you may select only those related to LOB A. For example, LOB A is in Group B, the channels that can be accessed by LOB A are live chat and email channels, so when you apply the filter, you can only see Group B on the Group filter component, LOB A on the LOB filter component, Live chat channel and Email Channel on the Channel Type filter component, etc.

You may set more than one filter, such as if you want to see reports from live chat channels that are on LOB A, then you can select live chat channel on the Channel Type filter component and select LOB A on the LOB filter component.

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