Unit Transfer Ticket

Sometimes your agent meets certain conditions for handling tickets from other channels but has no access or rule to manage them. This feature will fulfill your needs. Why? Because using unit transfer doesn't require access or rules to receive a ticket from another unit channel.

For example, unit A only exclusive to channel A whereas unit B belongs to channel B. Because there are tickets in unit A that must be handled by unit B, these tickets must be transferred immediately to unit B for resolution. With the unit transfer, unit B can receive tickets without rules or access channels from unit A.

You can set the unit transfer type as the default ticket transfer system in the system settings by selecting "Default Transfer Type - By Unit." Then, the pop-up transfer ticket window will first display the unit transfer tab.

To set unit transfer, go to the Unit Management menu. On the unit management page, you can set units that can receive tickets in the Allowed Transfer to Unit field for each unit that has been created or will be created in the future in the future as shown below.

For example, you will add a social media unit to receive ticket transfers from product units. Eventually, groups part of the LOB channel on the Social Media Unit are eligible to obtain tickets from Product Unit channels.

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