Stock and Restock Product

Product stock can help you track product inventory levels, so you can maximize sales by meeting product demand. To display the quantity of product stock, in the top right corner of the page, click the 'Action' button and select 'Enable Quantity Purchase'.

When the purchased quantity is enabled, it will reduce the product stock when you add a product to the deal and you cannot add products that exceed of available product stock. However, when the purchased quantity is disabled, the product stock will not decrease when you add the product to the deal and you can add products to the deal without limit.

Then how do you add product stock? By default, to be able to add product stock, you need to display the product stock quantity by enabling quantity purchase. Then in the product stock section, click 'Restock'. In the product restock pop-up, you can enter the number of products to be restocked, a description, and determine when the product will be restocked.

After you click the restock button, by default the product restock queue will be displayed in the incoming tab on restock history, and every five minutes the system will check whether there is a request for a product restock or not when there is a request for a product restock, the system will be delivered the product stock and the product will automatically be restocked.

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